Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Asset allocation, portfolio rebalancing and behavioral finance is the cornerstone of our investment process at Thinagee.  While our clients look to us for generating attractive long-term rates of return on their investments, they are very much aware that their portfolio performance must be placed in a broader context of their overall personal wealth and financial goals.  We provide our clients with that broader context and wisdom.  We offer the direction and confidence you require in a manner that is fully transparent to you which ultimately leads to a greater peace of mind with the simplicity and clarity you deserve.

We believe that reducing taxes, minimizing fees and managing volatility are important to our clients, and we devote substantial time and attention to these aspects.

Prudent, Long Term Approach

Capital appreciation is accumulated through long-term ownership of carefully screened and selected securities. We invest for the long term while remaining flexible to meet your evolving needs and changes in the markets. We avoid short-term investment “fads” and do not chase “hot stocks.” Neither do we believe in market timing. Most institutional and individual  investors have short term orientation, which creates profitable opportunity for long-term investors like us.

“I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies but not the movements of the stock market”.

– Sir Isaac Newton in 1768, after being wiped out in one of the many stock market crashes of his era.

Asset Allocation and Diversification

Research demonstrates that the most important investment decision is not the specific investments you select, but it is the allocation of assets – defining the most effectively diversified mix of stocks, bonds, and cash to achieve investment objectives. Being balanced across asset classes, and well diversified within asset classes to minimize risk, are core elements of long-term investment success.


Minimize Costs and Taxes

All else being equal, investments with consistently low management fees and transaction costs can give you a head start in achieving competitive returns. Our focus on superior long-term performance allows us to offer specific advantages associated with low portfolio turnover. We look for the best long-term holdings, which significantly reduce trading costs and minimize taxes on long- and short-term capital gains. This endeavor greatly enhances after-tax returns and provides maximum capital appreciation with minimal tax consequence.